Isabelle From Animal Crossing Argento’s Style

Hi dear friends! A couple of months ago, a customer asks me to do this character from Animal Crossing Game, but within Argento’s anime style (a really great NSFW artist). And well this was the result!

I really enjoy working on this one, because this brings me the possibility to talk with Argento, and I really think he is a very great artist and person.

Soon I will share in my youtube channel the head modeling process, you can check it out in youtube, find me as magnaomega, and if you want to watch the entire process, texturing and rigging, you can find all the videos in my Patreon page, where you can support and help me to do more content to you, like videos, tutorials, free models and more!!

I made this model using Blender and Substance Painter for the textures.!!

hope you like it.

take Care!!