Protoceratops 3D Sculpture

Hello, dear friends!!
I haven’t done personal work for a long time, less 3D sculptures
That is why I so happy to share with you this Dinosaur Lady~
I’m really proud of the design and the final result that I achieved using Blender smiling_face!!
The New Blender has a bunch of amazing features it was really funny to combine all of them and learn more about the node Shaders (to make fancy effects in the materials)
This time I don’t use a Substance painter or any external software to make the color and details smiling_face!
Hope you like it!!
Also! She is a Protoceratops, that is why She doesn’t have any horns.
Which name do you put to her?
Remember you can get to your own 3D puppet of any beloved character. To put it in any pose, make animations and more!!!
Feel free to ask me whatever you need, here or in my [email protected] I will so glad to help you smiling_face
Soon More 3D Characters!!!