Videogame art

2d and 3d art for videogame anime, cartoon and furry style



Hello!! I’m Magnaomega and I’m a freelance artist and I have more than twelve years of experiences, teaching 3D and illustrations for video games designers.

But my passion is to create NSFW about furries, pinups, and creatures.

And I need your support in to create more original content on Patron, but what you get in return?

I will teach you how to make your own pinups furry NSFW! yes! that is because I will record and share all my process of how I make my own characters, talking about tips, ways to do the things and of course making tutorials about the topics do you want to know!

And in the future, I want a 3D printer to make real sculptures.
Also, I will share a lot of more fun stuff, like character designs, sketches of my personal sketchbook even I want to make comics, but I am a 3D artist but I’m a storyteller, an Illustrator and animator too.

You can find my works in:

Youtube Here I share content, like livestreams, time-lapses, tutorials, and reviews.


Deviant art, here you can find the most part of my works.

Sketchfab you can watch all my 3D models and rotate them at any angle.


Hentai-Foundry Here you can NSFW content

Fur Affinity dome Furry Stuff

Also, you can find me on all social media