Terms of Service

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What happens if the product doesn't like me or don't work properly?

We will provide you a total satisfaction, our team will work to reach the greatest result fixing any incompatibility or other issues.
But in the case the problems persist, we will do a partial refund (50%) of the total payment


  • In how many time I will get my 3D Commission?

The period to finish a commission could change depending on the complexity of the work, but usually in less of one month. A period when we send you updates of any progress and we will be in continuous contact.


  • Which are the ways of the payment?

In these moments we only use Paypal to receive the payments, sorry for the inconveniences.


  • How many changes can I ask before an extra fee? and how much is the fee?

Free changes are permitted, only if details were missed. Otherwise, fees will apply for previously undiscussed changes

The workflow that we use, have three big steps, modeling, texturing and Rigging (bones for movement) and you can ask any change on those phases, the idea is received your feedback before going to the next step. You will give the approval to go ahead to the next phase.

however, once approved, any change from before steps will need to ask for an extra fee, for rework concept.

The amount of the charge will depend on the complexity of the change.


  • In what format files you give the work?

Usually, the files we give it are in the native format of Blender (.blend), but we can give you in FBX to import it on Maya or STL format for 3D print.


  • On which software are compatible, these 3D Puppets?

Before start, the commission will need to know on what software you will use our 3D Puppet to give you the better exportation.

We can export for Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, MMD (Miku Miku Dance), SFM (Source Film Maker), Vrchat and more!!


  • If I have a 3D model made it of another person, is possible to customize it? Does this make a discount on the final price?

We are so sorry, but we only work with modeling from scratch, sometimes is harder to try to fix something that made someone else.


  • Can I ask just a part of the job like only modeling, texture or rigging?

Yes, you can ask for separate texturization, modeling or just rigging, the price will depend on the complexity of the work.


  • Do you make a discount for asking more than one commission?

Sure, if you ask for more of four characters or objects, we make a 12.5% discount per each character, before the first job.