Furry 3D model commission

Hi dear friends!

Are you tired to ask to draw over and over your favorite characters to have them in different poses, spending a lot of money in the process. And you just want to share them with your friends and community?

Would you like to have your beloved characters and put them in different poses, add objects, change their clothes, even animate them or print them in 3D to have them as statues?

We have the service that can help you to make your dreams of being able to interact with your characters and create by yourself incredible scenes to show off to your friends!

I have twelve years of experience in the 3D world, creating 3D characters and assets for videogames and lovers of cartoons, 
furry and anime characters.

When you decide to work with me, you will have continual updates, where you can give feedback to guarantee you the
best result to catch the exact appearance of your project.

Contacting me here or sending me an email to magnaomega@gmail.com

So Sorry!

The Commissions are closed for the moment
Thank you so much for your interest!
I invite you to stay tuned on my Social media to be the first to know when I Open it again!

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